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Hand Drawn NFTs

What is Occult Archives?

Occult Archives is a unique series of hand drawn original NFTs by artist Billy Martin. Each depicting a creature or the human counterpart
that protects us from it.

They will be releasing one faction at a time with staggered rarities within the set. Collect the hi-res colored edition, variant color edition, black & white edition, line art edition and the “GC” variant.

Each NFT release will come with an accompanying music score by Billy as well.

Occult Archives

The Story

Balance: An even distribution of quantity, skill, knowledge or spirit. It’s what makes our existence progress. For every darkness there is a light. For every good there is an evil. For every prey there is a hunter.

Since the beginning of time there have been creatures we can’t explain lurking in the shadows. Monsters stalking the weak. Travelers from other universes. For as long as they have existed there have been those who chose to fight back. Those who have dedicated their lives to studying the occult. Those who have sworn to protect us against the beasts that haunt us. A constant exchange of power in an eternal struggle of the supernatural.

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Faction 1: Vampires

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The bride holds court along with the overlord. Her power over the human mind creates an intoxicating fascination.

The lure of the bride can be deadly to an unsuspecting victim. The skilled hunter has learned to fight against the
telepathic torture brought on by her beauty.

Many hunter’s in training have
been lost to temptation making her incredible valuable to the coven.


The hybrid is born of vampire and human. Some have chosen to fight along
with the humans in an attempt to clear their bloodline.

Others have chosen the darker path and help push the vampire agenda.

With the ability to appear either human or vampire this creature can infiltrate society making it very valuable to either side.

Ally or foe, which side would you choose?


Grieves Harbinger- Skilled with many varieties of weapons, the hunter must be elite at its craft.

Silver bullets, wooden stakes and UV infused blades arm
the savior against the non-humans.

It took centuries of living in darkness and
studying the ways of the vampire to perfect the craft of the hunt.


Vampire Overlord- The oldest and strongest of the species finds it way to the
top of the coven.

Blood-thirsty and driven by total domination, the master
leads his horde in a fight against humanity.

Secluded in darkness he uses his underlings to gather intel and spread fear of the vampires amongst the
humans. The overlord is the ultimate prize for the hunter.


The winged night creature is newly turned and underdeveloped as the
species goes.

Similar to a bat, it hunts with sonar and has poor eyesight. It’s thirst for blood and obsessive approval from the master make it a nightmare
for the hunters.

Get caught alone and you will surely be outnumbered as
these vampires hunt in packs.

Faction 2: Werewolves

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The Anubis

The Anubis is the first known sighting of the werewolf creature. Anubis, also known as the Egyptian god of the dead, was the protector of the graves. Many humans attempted to pillage the tombs for riches but were met with the fierce opposition of the wolf-man. His scale would determine whether a soul would be granted access to the realm of the dead.

The Marksman

Built on the same principles but from a different family in a different land than the huntress. Gregor is a hardened protector to the humans. He had his first encounter at the age of 9 and lived to to tell the tale. He has dedicated his life to researching and tracking werewolves. He was recruited by 0CCV7T for his elite skills with the crossbow and extensive knowledge of the beasts.

The Watcher

The howl of the wolf can be beautiful and terrifying all at the same time. The howl can signify a threat coming, it can be a call to arms, it can be a longing for a lost mate. The wolf’s vision can give them an incredible view of the land. Similar to a flame in a series of lighthouses, the howl can serve as a guide for a pack of wolves working in tandem to cover a large area of ground. When the hair stands up on the back of your neck, take it as a warning.

The Huntress

Jade, the huntress had little say in her path to uphold her family lineage. Like her father before her, she has been trained since a very young age to protect humanity from the werewolves. A jack of many trades but the bow and arrow was her calling. She lost her twin brother to a Lycan, fueling her mission even stronger. She wears her hair cut short like her brother’s to remind her of him. Ever since she lost him she has sworn to only hunt alone.

The Artict Lycan

Hidden in the mountain side of the Himalayas, a sighting of the arctic Lycan is very rare. In fact, this creature operates in an almost stealth like manner. Swiftly attacking his prey and moving them to a hidden location as to not leave the traces of blood in the snow. The difference between the Lycan and the Werewolf is the Lycan is in control. He chooses when he shifts form, making his level of intelligence higher thus allowing him to stay hidden. Food is scarce in this frozen landscape. A scar from a competing predator is not uncommon in this species.

The Soldier

Taken from the journal of lance corporal Javier Camino. “The night sky was glowing a little brighter than normal due to the full moon. The troop had split up in the woods searching for our target. I caught a glimmer of movement through the scope on my M16. I leaned in and focused but it was too late. I felt the weight of the beast slam into me from my left side. The stench hit me first. It’s claws and teeth having their way with my nimble human body. The blood loss was bad and if it wasn’t for the gun shot that rang through the forrest just then I would surely be dead. Saved by a fellow solider who shot the beast, my life was spared. It wasn’t until the next full moon that I realized the extent of my engagement with the werewolf…”

About the Artist

Billy Martin

Billy Martin is best known as the lead guitarist for the multi-platinum selling band Good Charlotte. Aside from music he works as a character designer and illustrator. Companies Billy has worked for include Disney, Marvel comics, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, IDW, Genius Brand, Image Comics, BOOM!, Udon/Capcom, Dynamite comics and Oni press. He has most recently worked as a character designer on the upcoming animated feature film Sneaks.

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